Slindon Pudding Club
Below are recent Slindon Pudding Club Projects that we are very proud to have carried out and have been a part of.


We are very proud and honoured to contribute toward the silhouette of a 6ft tall WWI soldier to mark 100 years since the end of the war.

Rising like a ghost from the earth, the Tommy stands with his head bowed, rifle in hand and a poppy adorning his chest.

The Slindon soldier is standing proud next to the flag pole opposite the Forge to allow everyone to see and more importantly the children in our school.

The silhouette is part of campaign led by a former British Army head to raise £15m for armed forces and mental health charities.


One of our longest residents in Sunny Box Lane had a problem with her driveway being roughly 1 foot lower than the lane. Everyday Anne needed to come out and ensure that pieces of wood and stones were lined up to enable her to drive out.

The Slindon Pudding Club offered our services to put a fix to this.